Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Make your own tool for placing tiny embellishments!!

Hello again!

As I was making these cute little "Tiffany & Co" baby shower invites I started to add on these rhinestones, they were self adhesive
 (There's a full post and more pics in the previous post)
but I didn't like that I had to cut them up and that when I did there was a little bit of it showing...I didn't like how they looked. They were all on a row of adhesive and in order to use one, you needed to cut them off of the glue strip, so I picked all the rhinestones off leaving them with no adhesive. I would have to stick them down myself, I was fine with that but then, how to pick them up and stick them down???......So I came up with my own little tool!

Here is my video, enjoy!

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Accucut Onsie "Tiffany & Co." Baby Shower invitation!

Hello bloggers!

It's been a little while since I've posted a project. It's been a super busy year and 1/2 for me and my family. Lots of life changing things, it's been a blessing although hard but we know there's a plan in place!

One of the many things I've been doing to stay busy lately has been creating shower, birthday and wedding announcements and invitations! I've got several yet to post but I'll share this one today! You can see some of the invites I've already made in the past going here. 

I've got an Accucut die of the Onsie shape and it's the Pinnovation die which is awesome to help to place your sheet of paper down and the pins hold it in place so that you can use a Microsoft Word template to add your text and cut so it shows up in the die cut shape! It's AWESOME!!!  So, this is what I used for my nephew and his fiances baby shower invite. She saw one online and asked if I can make it just like it, so of course I did! This was my gift to them and this is what it looks like!

Here's my video where I introduce the invites:)

She chose a gorgeous tiffany blue color, it's actually called "Pool" and is an American Crafts textured brand cardstock called "Weave"!! I did LOVE the "Powder Blue" but of course....I had to use what Monique wanted! :) lol...  All 3 are very pretty! 

I had 12"x12" AC cardstock, cut 50 sheets down to 8 1/2"x11" then I downloaded the Onsie A7 template from the Accucut website and typed out all the info, printed them all out (2 per sheet), set them on the die between the pins and cut them up....then viola!!! INVITES!!

I bought some white satin ribbon (double sided) and made 100 tiny bows and 3 packs of crystal bling for the snaps then....

I loved the font they chose, (Lucinda Calligraphy) it was a perfect fit!! I was so happy and proud that they all loved them!! All 100 of them!!!! I always make one extra and seal it so that mama or bride can add it to their keepsake box or baby book! I think it's important to make sure they also feel special! I also had a few 12x12's left and edge punched them for table settings and used my heart and butterfly punches to punch out from the scraps I had left....they've used it to gently toss the bits of confetti onto the tables for extra decor! If I had more time I would'v made a banner and other things! Maybe for the next baby:)

This is one of my favorite invites to date! Now whenever they set a date for their weeding I'll be expecting them to call and say, "Tia, would you make our wedding invitations"!! I'll be super excited to make them too!!

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sale extended through Sunday 8/31/14!!!

Hello again!!

It has come to my attention that I didn't give enough time for some regarding this sale. I'm so sorry...it just came to me lastnight to do the sale, but I will be looking into a newsletter email to send out for future announcements and posting a sale announcement 
a day or two prior. 

So, you do have through Sunday to shop and stock up 
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Just a note... the 30% savings is deducted from your order, once I gather everything I will figure out the cheapest cost for you and will deduct that fee from the savings and refund the difference if there is one, if it's more than the savings I will invoice you for the difference, otherwise there will be 1-2 extra steps involved, this really is the easiest way for us both! 

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Labor Day Weekend- SALE!!!

Hello and happy Friday!!

Just lettin' ya'll know that in honor of Labor Day coming up, I will be having a sale.......
it's for tomorrow only,
Saturday August 30, 20134

Everything at thejuleboxshop
will be on sale for 30% off!
Sale is open for all US and International friends!

This will include the destash and clearance listings!
(Sales from these listings are FINAL)
That's a SUPER deal because the prices are already

Orders will begin to ship starting on Monday September 1st. Please allow me time to gather your order as they tend to come in in 
bundles and it's only me in my studio packing your order with lots of TLC!! :)

Reminder: Shipping is normally billed out separately so with this sale, the shipping cost will be deducted from the savings total and if there is a balance, I'll refund it, if there is an amount owed then I will invoice that difference. 
All Sales Final!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kimberly's Cottage Pals!

Hey there!

Just sharing a cute little doll I just got!
 My bff Laurie has posted her daughter-in-law's cute handmade dolls over on her Artfire shop!!

This cutie is mine!!
I just LOVE her rag dress and shoes! They come off too!
Here's my video of my doll!

There are some other cute dolls Kimberly made
and you can find her on FB HERE and these adorable little dolls
HERE @ Laurie's shop!!! If there aren't any listed, please check back or chat with Kimberly about a custom made doll!

For those of you who really like to support small business' please stop by and show Kimberly some love and support, I would appreciate that so very much and I know she would too! :)

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