Saturday, April 19, 2014

My projects, Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Big Bro!!

Hello and how are you??

I've missed you guys....seriously, this is totally for the birds! I don't even really know what that means! LOL ;)  but seriously...I miss you' peeps!! I miss crafting and posting stuffs and reading your comments and blogs and stuffs.....and watching your videos.....I have tried to watch a few here and there:)

Guess what? I have a cool thing happening soon that I will (with an announcer's voice as if announcing a super hero swooshing through) "SOON REVEAL"! but really....I was offered a cool opportunity and I'm in the middle of the set-up process now! I CANNOT wait to announce it and share! But until then..."zipp-os on the lip-os"!

So, what have I been doing? Still unpacking...yes, really....look, this isn't the way I hoped it would go. Things were supposed to have a home already and they don't yet. My thought was to set up shop as soon as we moved in but instead my sweet hubby talked me into refurnishing some of my furniture (it has nothing to do with the fact that I've been saying, "Honey, I think I want to pain that .....!" like a billion times over the last year or so!!)....not just 1 but a few, so, I did.  I started a series of videos on them, I'll share them as soon as I can. I have a few things to do revamp some of my blog shop listings and finish up on some Mickey invitations I'm making for my cutie patootie great nephew Mikey! It's his 1st B-day on May 6th!!! Look at this face! Ah!!! He cracks me up!!!!:)

It's a little blurry but this picture was taken about a month ago. Lisa (my sister, his "grannie" ) took it and I'm in love with this picture! LOL I LOVE you Mikey! MUAH!!!

But the's one I've redone already! This is a small book shelf that I got at an antique show. I painted it a distressed pink and I added some decorative moulding to the edges of the shelves and added a really cute wood applique I found at Hobby Lobby in the center of the top part of the backing! I'll share soon!!

So, what happened? I started redoing all this furniture and it's taking longer that I thought it would so I'm a little behind in the unpacking process. You guys should see my house....well, no actually you shouldn''s still full of boxes and looks a mess right now! At least my bed is assembled and I can sleep in that with all my comfy pillows and blankets! LOL...which is a good thing because I think I would go insane!!

I wanted a homey kinda settled in look somewhere,, I created a cute display of glass and metal vintage boxes on the top of my hutch! Wanna see it? I thought of read and yellow/orange. Tell me what you think!!

The large glass on the left is a drink dispenser with a lid and spout! I had it in a box forever!! It just hit me to get it out and display it! I bought a white towel with a red stripe along the edges from IKEA in February and laid that down under the cans and a cute wire teapot I got at a garage sale I put wine corks in!! The cans are from Antique shops and yard sales that I collected over the last 3-4 years. The "Mariposa" can is ceramic and the colors started the whole display idea! The glass bottles and vases gave a nice look for one side then the cans on the other. In between it all are some plastic flowers and greenery I had in a floral storage box in the garage and in my scraproom. I love it and it feels more like home to me now!

Anyways, this is a little of what I've been doing. I'll be busy for a while yet but I will be optimistic about it all, it's a new chapter and full of some drama! :) It's all good though because it's all a huge blessing!

Well, back to work on the blog shop and invites. That's all for today but I wanted to wish you a very Happy Easter with your family and I want to send out a shout out to my big brother Danny who is celebrating his B-Day this weekend too!! "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANNY!!!!" This was taken last year when my hubby and I took him out to eat a great lobster dinner! He looks happy right!? :)  

See you guys soon!

 Love ya'll!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Update on my life and move....

Hello everyone!

Well a lot of things have gone on since my last post on March 11th. We did move out of Oregon into Washington and found a home:) Our house is a mess, full of boxes but slowly I'll get things in order! I have 1 room to's a very not pretty's bright! I don't like it, so this weekend it will get a new paint job. I have some white paint and although I love warm colors, I'm only authorized to use the white for now....yeah, since we're new to this area we decided to rent a beautiful home for a year. This will give us time to get to know the area so when we're ready to buy a home we'll be familiar with it. 

I have a small room/office that I'm using for my scrap room and a 3rd bedroom for "the shop" since I can't fit everything in the office space....but it's perfectly fine, we're seeing another move in our hurts my head to think of another move but yes, it will happen!

I had boxes in every single room!! ocean of boxes and little pathways to get through them!, I emptied the pink one to get it prepped for painting, that I mentioned, then I'll move into it for the shop, then empty Anna's (my daughter) to get it ready for her. She'll move in with us in July since she's gotta finish this quarter at school. I miss her:( 

I'm about all moved into my scrap room now....just a little more tweaking is all! The living room has my husbands desk in the middle of it....still need to buy some new couches and get the desk out of it.

Anyhow, I'm so tired...I'm not sure if I'm even making

I'm very thankful for those who placed orders this month and have been so patient with me. I was so excited to get some orders out today. My last order I was expecting last week did come in but I didn't have time to open it until today!!!! 1 week later.....see what I mean, it's been crazy here. I'm hoping to update the site this coming week, as I've been sold out of a lot of my Prima that is posted. As soon as that's done, I'll have my destash sale. I had to bring it all with me because my moving date was moved up about 4-5 days so I had run out of time. The great thing is that I'm still having it!! So stay tuned ok!!

It's time for bed now but I really wanted to update you all since I got so many emails asking how I was doing:) Thanks for that you guys!! I'll share a little more of my progress in a few days or so...maybe share some pictures too....maybe a little video:)

Have a great weekend friends!!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bittersweet news....


A year and a half ago I was so excited when the opportunity came when I could move in with my parents to help. To be with them meant I could keep an eye out for them.....and to watch my dad cuz he's in his terrible "83's" stage in his life...he's a little ornery, but there have been some changes going on with my household and so the time has come that we now have to move away. My sweet hubby landed a great job but it means we can't be here anymore. I'm sad but the good thing is that we won't be horribly far away!  I shared stuff in my video....

Just wanted let ya'll know and to ask for prayer as we go through these mom is already seeming to be a little sad and that really just breaks my heart! ah...please keep us in prayer friends.

Thanks so much for stopping in, God Bless!

Monday, March 3, 2014

"Delight yourself...." shabby card using Maja Design's!!

Hello everyone!

I'm glad you stopped in today! I've got a card share on today's post that I made last year...I know, I'm a little late sharing it, but better late than never! 

I made this card for my dad's 83rd birthday at the end of last year keeping in mind that when I made him a card a couple of years ago he mentioned he didn't like dark here you go! LOL  

This collection by Maja Designs is called "Crea Diem" and has all his favorite shades of blue and gray!! I though it was absolutely a soft design with "boy" colors :) just my dad's taste!

In the video I shared the card I made but didn't share the tutorial until I thought, "I'll just make another one that's similar so I can share a short tutorial"! So, I did! It's soooo simple to put together.

Here's a pic of my dad's card. The video will follow! Enjoy!:)

 Here is the tutorial card, it has a more feminine softer feel!

Here is a small list of products I used!
1~ Maja Design's "Crie Diem" 12x12 paper collection.
2~Want 2 Scrap chicken wire die cuts
3~Gesso in white
4~Martha Stewart "Silver" Micro Beads
5~Tulle ribbon from my stash
6~My sewing machine for the borders and white thread
7~White and Gray textured cardstock by American Crafts
8~Prima paper distressor
9~Clock die cut from Tim Holtz Alterations line "Weathered Clock", you can find the clock die cuts in sets at "The Jule Box Shop".com in my Tim Holtz die cut listing. They come in White, Kraft, Black and Ivory cardstock and in Grunge. Tons of qty sets to choose from!!
10~Prima Mini Brads from the Sunrise Sunset collection by Finnabair
11~Scripture wood mount stamp by Stampabilities "Psalm 37:4"
12~Glossy Accents, 3-Dot Foam and Beacon 3-in-1 adhesives from TJBS

Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks so much for stopping in!

Cool Pinterest pics using PicMonkey!

Hello everyone!

Just sharing some of my printed pics! I use PicMonkey to add watermarks and do collages and it's very simple! I share the images I printed out at my local 60 minute photo shop (of course you can print these out yourself on your photo printer) and had 8x8 printed with lots of little photos to cut out for scrapping or "Project Life" type projects! :)

Here is my video .....


Just thought to share what I did. These came out great to use for a mini or LO!  Give it a try, see if it's something that makes things easier for you!

Thanks for stopping in! Have a great day!!